Sweet Chocolate Soap as a Benefit of Body and Soul

July 11, 2019

Sweet Chocolate Soap as a Benefit of Body and Soul

Our natural  chocolate soap smells so good as the real chocolate. It seems edible, sweet with a delicate note of spicy cinnamon. Your skin is lucky that it will get such a dessert. But this dessert does not harm the skin and body. On the contrary, your body will thank you for  a useful and right gift.

Exclusively Natural Raw Materials and Original Composition of The Chocolate Soap

All products from Quragi  are distinguished by the perfect composition of each individual product. The main ingredients in soap are oils of olive, cocoa, coconut, and organic chocolate. The weightless aroma becomes brighter due to the cinnamon powder. Warm notes of spices have different effects on the nervous system. In the morning, the esters of oils tone and energize, and in the evening they are soothed and relaxed, setting you up for good sleep.

All natural  chocolate soap has not only a cosmetic smoothing effect, but also works at the cellular level with skin problems. In addition, the therapeutic effect occurs not only at the cellular level, but also for the whole body. The organic composition of the oils has an anti-inflammatory and softening effect, eliminating irritation and various rashes.

Skin Will Be Free from Discomfort

The chocolate soap does not contain a single synthetic ingredient. This product is completely vegan and suitable for people prone to allergies. The product gently interacts with any skin type: dry, oily and normal. Therefore, you can safely use the soap on an ongoing basis to significantly improve the condition of the skin.

Oil esters act therapeutically to combat dryness and poor elasticity. After 2-3 applications of the chocolate soap, you will notice how the skin has become healthier and cleaner. Healthy skin is a key to excellent well-being and condition of the body.

High Quality  Chocolate Soap

Our soap made by skilled craftsmen by hand. To create the product, natural oils, extracts, which are grown on eco-friendly farms, are used. This proves the purity and premium quality of each ingredient. Buying Quragi soap you opt for a proven product.

An individual approach to product development allows the brand to make the chocolate soap with a unique gamut of flavor and shades of color. You will get an incredible calm after regular use of soap. Complete peace and pleasure from a bath will make the day really enjoyable.