Spa gift sets

August 12, 2019

Spa gift sets

The spa gift set - what could be better to cheer up? Every day in the life of a modern person is limited to work and household chores. Unfortunately, the busy schedule of life does not allow us to relax and devote more time to ourselves. Work, study, family and life take the lion's share of the time. We lack joyful moments: we want magic to happen just like that for no reason. And magic is always so close - it is in pleasant little things.

Holidays are bright stars that adorn our lives. It is always an occasion to meet and talk heart to heart, gather the closest people and share the most secret. Pleasant memories, smiles and an atmosphere of warmth - this is what is so lacking in ordinary everyday life. But such days are not as often as we would like. So why wait? After all, an ordinary day can be a holiday. Especially for you our brand has created several spa sets that will turn an ordinary gray day into a romantic event.

Gifts for every taste

The Quragi brand has 7 sets at once, which will be wonderful gifts. No need to look for a reason for gifts. The most important thing is to give love, care and attention to your beloved and dear person. This gift will not remain useless on a shelf. All sets in our online shop have a beautiful design. You will appreciate the laconic packaging and elegant work.

By the way, the packaging is also made from environmentally friendly raw materials and completely decomposes. Therefore, environmentalists will especially appreciate the quality of the product.

Beauty is one of the attractive advantages of our sets. All kits are incredibly useful and functional for home care. In them, you will find 
soap gifts, soap dish, and many other natural products for the body. Products from organic ingredients give you a feeling of warmth, lightness, and care. Let's get to know each set better. And you will certainly find a suitable one.

All Natural Happy Birthday Spa Gift Bo

What could be better than such a pleasant surprise for your friend, colleague or parents? This box has 4 wonderful soaps, a coffee scrub, a bath bomb, and a mahogany soap dish. Soaps will captivate you with the sensual aroma of sandalwood roses and essential oils of. A bath bomb will have a relaxing effect and immerse you in an atmosphere of romance. You just have to light candles and turn on sensual music.

All Natural Soap Spa Gift Set

The gift box contains everything you need to make a normal shower or bathtub a romantic experience. Here you will see 3 natural soaps based on oils and a bath bomb. Essential oils of lavender, geranium, cedar, and lemongrass based on the soap, pure and not diluted with water. They have a therapeutic effect: they help cure inflammatory skin processes, eliminate nervous tension and relieve fatigue. And the essences of cypress and lemongrass oilstone and give a boost of energy, which is especially important before the start of a difficult day.

Natural Soap Favors

This set is created for lovers of rich and delicate aromas. Oils of orange, geranium rose and Peruvian balm create a wealth of taste and smell. Their aroma has a healing effect on the general condition of the nervous system. Olive, coconut and shea oils nourish the skin with vitamins and help accelerate skin renewal. And chamomile and beta-carotene extract fight minor structural damage, scratches, and cuts. Soaps with oils and natural extracts will only benefit your skin.

Bath bombs gift set

With taking a bath, we have only positive emotions. If you like to bask in a warm bath for a long time and create a special atmosphere, then these bath bombs will be a great addition. You will enjoy the aroma of essential oils and you will never want this magical moment to end.

Bath gift basket

This set includes 4 types of natural soap with a composition of essential oils and 2 types of Dead Sea bath salt with almonds and vanilla extract. With such products, home procedures in the bathroom will be a pleasant procedure for the benefit of body and soul.

Natural Spa Gift Box

Natural salt, a bath bomb with cranberries and vanilla, soap with patchouli - and that's not all. In this set, you will also be pleased with a light texture of body lotion based on almond and coconut oils. With these products by Quragi, you can turn bathing into a useful procedure and get good effect of powerful detox. The skin will easily get rid of accumulated toxins and get a healthy appearance.

Through the gifts to friends, family and soul mates, we show how important they are for us and how we appreciate them. It will never be superfluous to make it pleasant. The happiness of our friends depends on us. One small act can great cheer up another person in seconds. All life is a big holiday, which consists of pleasant things. Give loved ones the spa gift set by Quragi. They will feel your love and care.