Soap favors Essential Set of Handmade Soap

July 11, 2019

Soap favors Essential Set of Handmade Soap

Soap favors will be your skin's best friends. Why do you need it? Using organic soaps every day, you will get rid of all the problems: dryness, beriberi, tightness, and flaking. Instead of these unpleasant feelings, you get a lightness, soft structure and a pleasant aroma of flowers, oils, and fruits.

Why Are There So Many Cosmetics from Synthetic Ingredients on The Market?

In the era of technology and the production of new non-natural substances, everything that nature has given is rarely used in production. After all, natural and organic substances are much more expensive and more whimsical in the process of production and storage. Why do big brands use such harmful components? After all, it is more profitable to buy synthetic raw materials and sell the product for cheap on the mass market.

Quragi uses only natural and organic ingredients. Soap favors are made in small batches to give you only a fresh product. The value of natural products is growing because we think about the body. And to find something natural at a reasonable price is very rare, but pleasant. Therefore, Quragi  creates unique skincare products that do not contain synthetic additives and artificial flavors.

Soap Favors Rich Assortment

If you like floral aromas and light citrus notes, then you will love the set of  four soap. The composition of rose soap contains coconut oil, olive and the composition of essential oils :geranium, rose, and cedar. In addition to a pleasant smell, your skin will become soft and moisturized.

 Coconut oil soap has an anti-inflammatory effect.  Due to the rich content of fatty acids,  skin gets the missing collagen. Oils fight against minor injuries, protecting the skin from infections. Сoconut soap is quickly absorbed into the skin, due to which moisturizing occurs instantly.

Also, the set will be an ideal gift even for a special occasion. Oils and vitamins relieve irritation, heal wounds and improve the condition of blood vessels and skin cells.

The cosmetic products rich in vitamins and oils are the best remedy against aging and skin inflammation. Do not forget to pamper your skin. In your power to make it the most beautiful and well-groomed with the help of organic cosmetics.