Face Wash: Organic & Natural Ingredients

August 01, 2019

Face Wash: Organic & Natural Ingredients

Quragi natural face wash is a real treasure if you would like to have a healthy skin. We can say confidently that cleansing is the most important step of skincare ritual. Because with the wrong choice of product or even the absence of it in everyday skincare routine, the subsequent application of funds only hurts. Now you will find out why it is so important to wash the face in the morning and the evening and the role  of the selected cosmetic product plays.

Clarity is a guarantee of a good health

We feel better when it is cozy at home: clean floors, and no dust. Every day we take a shower and our body breathes and feels free. Besides, we get rid of all the dirt and harmful particles that fell on the body for the whole day.

When we walk in the park or just go for a walk with a dog near the house in the yard, we rejoice when we feel the smell of fresh-cut grass and do not breathe exhaust gases, because the air is clean. Looking around, it is so nice to see when there are no candy wrappers on the roads, tobacco butts, and other debris. So our face also deserves to be always clean and tidy.

Why do you need to wash the face in the morning and in  the evening?

It seems that when we sleep our body rests and recovers. And the skin as well. But for this, it has to not relax and work all night. Our skin actively gets rid of accumulated toxins, highlighting them outside. Also, the sebaceous glands secrete sebum in the enhanced mode, especially if there is not enough fresh air in the bedroom. All substances and old skin cells are mixed overnight with cream. Besides, very often we sleep on a  face, so the face is encountered with bacteria and microorganisms, which are contained in any bedding.

In the evening, the logic is lined up more clearly: we walk-through dusty streets and apply layers of foundation or powder on the face. During the day, the skin just simply gets tired and needs rest. Cleansing with a natural face wash is what you need for quick and easy cleaning.

Do you still have doubts about whether you need to wash your face every day? We hope not. Indeed, in the morning it is more important than ever to wash off the particles of sweat and dead cells from the skin. If you do not do this and immediately apply day cream, then the skin will thicken a layer of old cells. This is the cause of many inflammatory processes and first wrinkles. By the way, the same applies to decorative cosmetics: it must be washed off overnight and allow the skin to gain strength overnight.

An active complex of natural components and peptides

This is the best combination for hydration cleanser. Due to this formula, the product does not dry out the skin and relieves it of deep and superficial impurities. Peptides quickly deliver vitamins to each cell and resume a healthy complexion. Borage oil, incense, and jojoba oil provide the necessary water balance and save the skin from dehydration. Also, hyaluronic acid fills fine wrinkles and smoothes the skin.

Useful rules to washing the  face

Cleansing properly needs skills and knowledge. Here are some simple tips that will help you:

• Wash your hands well before applying a cleanser to your face - they should be kept clean.

• It is very important to use water at room temperature so as not to dry the skin.

• The contrasting wash works excellent. It improves blood circulation and makes the rash less noticeable.

• Flush out the hydration cleanser completely without leaving it on the face. You can rinse your face several times until you are sure that your face is clean.

Having healthy and beautiful skin is not magic. This is just using the right products and following simple rules. Quragi takes care of you and your skin. Now is your turn: try our face wash made with organic components.