Natural conditioner: how to choose and how to use properly

August 09, 2019

Natural conditioner: how to choose and how to use properly

Natural conditioner always works as a benefit for your hair. We all know how the shampoo works, but often we don’t understand what conditioning is and why this step of hair care is needed. This step applies to washable care. Even though not everyone knows about the mechanism of the air conditioner, 90% of people love this product and use it regularly when washing their hair.

Let's find out why you should use conditioner and why hair feels bad when we neglect the conditioning phase. We will also give you some useful tips on how best to use this natural product so that it gives maximum benefit to your hair.

To whom and why: why you should  use a conditioner for hair?

At the first step of hair cleansing, shampoo removes dirt, sweat, and particles of dead skin from the hair. Also, useful lipids and the upper protective layer of the hair are washed off the hair shaft. If you constantly leave your hair in this condition without further care, then after a while the appearance will also deteriorate. Hair will become brittle, brittle and dull.

Conditioning is the step that is necessary to maintain beneficial substances in the hair. Good conditioner gently envelops the hair shaft, maintaining the internal balance of lipids. It creates a protective barrier, making the hair structure dense and more resistant to external factors. When you use natural conditioner, the hair flakes fit tightly together. Thus, the hair looks smooth, soft and shiny.

What issues does the hair conditioner solve?

Of course, this product will be useful for any type of hair. Our conditioner is suitable for brittle and dull, weak and dehydrated, normal and dyed hair. However, there are several problems that hair conditioning can handle as efficiently as possible.

This product can help you:

  • Maintain lasting color of dyed hair
  • Protect hair from UV rays
  • Reduce split ends
  • Create a basal volume without weighting

Hair conditioning adds additional hydration. That is why hair is easier to style and comb.

Intensed hair beauty formula by Quragi

Our conditioner gives your hair a natural look. It includes the amino acid complex of silk proteins, which are responsible for the restructuring of the hair and strengthening the strands. Thanks to amino acids, hair loss is reduced and the nutrition of hair follicles improves. Organic extracts of seaweed and Chinese ginseng tone the scalp, improving blood flow and metabolic processes in the cells. This contributes to the renewal and growth of healthy hair. Calendula and hypericum oil soothe the scalp, preventing irritation and dandruff.

It is enough to leave the conditioner on the hair for 2 to 5 minutes so that it has the desired effect. By the way, our conditioner can be applied not only to the length of the hair but also to the scalp.

How to use hair conditioner?

To feel the maximum benefit from our conditioner, you need to follow just a few simple rules.

  • You should  apply the product on wet hair after the cleansing step. Thus, the nutritional components of the conditioner penetrate deep into the hair.
  • Do not apply too much conditioner: it can make hair heavy. Only 1-2 servings of the dispenser are enough for the hair to receive full care.
  • Do not turn conditioner into the only product for nourishing and moisturizing hair. Also, use hair  masksComprehensive care will be more effective.

The beauty of your hair is in your hands, especially when you have Quragi's natural and organic ingredients.