Facial oil: the secret of your perfect skin

August 01, 2019

Facial oil: the secret of your perfect skin

Facial oil is a good product for all skin types.The skin is a whole independent system. We firmly believe that hands, feet and  face require different care. But we never think about the fact that a face consists of many zones. The area around the eyes, lips, forehead, nose - all these areas of skin differ in thickness, density, and elasticity. Besides, each zone may have some pronounced problem.

For example, the area under the eyes usually suffers from dryness and loss of elasticity, the nose and the central part of the forehead in 80% of cases has enlarged pores and oily sheen. These problems in varying degrees, appear on any type of skin. Therefore, you need to have a product that will satisfy the needs of the entire face skin.

Face oil perfectly copes with the elimination of the defects at any zone of  face. It has an improved formula that gently moisturizes the skin and prevents moisture loss. It also stops premature aging and protects the skin from the appearance of new wrinkles. Therefore, you should include this oil in your must-have skincare routine. 

Why facial oil is useful for combination skin?

 Usually  light skin  oil never hurts. But before the owners of combination skin, the question arises: is there any point in this treatment? We know the answer: of course, there is a sense. The fact that the oil will make the skin even more fat is a myth and the result of using a low-quality product.

Of course, to fight with dryness and peeling, oil is the best solution. For combination skin, natural oil will be useful to normalize the balance of water and skin fat.

Quragi face oil is a complex essence that gently moisturizes the skin. It lays down a thin layer and gives a feeling of lightness, soaking up in a matter of seconds. You will never feel the weights; your pores will breathe. Besides, natural oil normalizes the sebaceous glands and eliminates excess fat. Therefore, your skin will be clean and healthy.

The best  features of facial oil

The most important thing to know about oils is that they are lipids in structure. Their structure is 99% identical to the structure of the lipids of the upper layer of the skin. Cells receive essential fatty acids which determine the condition of your skin. The great advantage of this product is that lipids penetrate the deeper layers of the skin and take with them everything that is tied to them: vitamins and other active ingredients.

Also, face oil has the function of a powerful antioxidant. Fatty acids remove unnecessary toxins. Creating a thin protective barrier, they prevent dirt and toxic substances from entering the pores. Due to this property, the growth of the pathogenic environment is reduced and the production of beneficial bacteria increases. Therefore, increased skin resistance to inflammation. Also, when using a face oil, the activity of testosterone becomes less, and this reduces the appearance of acne.

The rich composition of natural ingredients

Yes, our face oil has a 100% natural composition. The complex of grape seed, macadamia and jojoba oils will perfectly fill every pore with vitamins and will give a full hydration. Moreover, if you often get irritated when washing or applying makeup, noni oil and tamanu will soothe the skin. You will appreciate their healing characteristics.

Facial oil does not require complex patterns of use. Just put a few drops on a slightly damp face and oil evenly distributed over the face. A bottle of 30 ml is enough for you for a long time. Give your skin lightness and gentle care! The result will delight you.