Everything about Natural Organic Shampoo

August 09, 2019

Everything about Natural Organic Shampoo

Natural shampoo should be a must-have product for you. No matter what color and length your hair are : the most important thing is that they look well-groomed and beautiful. 90% of people poison their hair with artificial silicates, chemicals, and silicones. And then they wonder why the promised miracle does not happen after the first application.

When you know everything about organic shampoo and understand the mechanism of its work, you will choose his favorite. There are no secrets: everything is quite simple. Let's get to know this product more closely and learn all about its advantages over typical shampoos on the mass market.

Many people cannot refuse shampoos with potent artificial ingredients. Experiences that organic components will not be able to do their job just as well take precedence over common sense.

The main function of any shampoo is to clean the hair and scalp from dirt, sweat, and pathogenic bacteria. The opinion that natural shampoos do worse with this task is erroneous. Natural shampoos perfectly cleanse hair without aggressive effects. They do not lose their features even in the absence of reinforcing substances of synthetic origin.

Adaptation period of hair to a new product

When you use only shampoos with artificial ingredients for a long period, you will have a short transition period when switching to an organic product. After the first 2 or 3 uses, you may notice:

  • your¬†¬†hair has become more tangled and you have difficulty combing it
  • it does not look completely clean and you want to wash hair again
  • hair gets dirty faster than with the previous shampoo
  • hair lost shine and look

You should not worry: this is a normal process. Your  hair needs time to get used to a new product. Usually it is the first week of use. Natural shampoo flushes accumulated silicones and artificial components from the hair, which added shine to the hair.

Literally, in 7-10 days you will see a completely different result. Hair will become soft and  docile. It will become easy to rinse and look shiny. Hair will receive additional basal volume and activate growth. Now you will never exchange this product for anything else.

We care about your hair

Quragi created an incredible shampoo that internally restores damaged hair structure. Unlike other natural shampoos that do not have lush foam, our shampoo has a luxurious foam. The product is based on the amino acid composition and complex of organic extracts. Amino acids are the main builders of new cells. They make the hair follicles stronger and prevent hair loss.

Rosemary, Calendula, and Horsetail reduce the sensitivity of the skin and relieve irritation. Laminaria Digitata fills your hair with moisture in the best way and strengthens each hair shaft. Hypericum and olive oils carry healthy fatty acids. They are indispensable for a dense hair structure and are responsible for the speed of hair growth.

The lightness and strength of each curl with natural shampoo

Unlike regular shampoo, All Natural shampoo from Quragi does not mask hair problems. It heals your hair from the inside and enhances the natural shine. This shampoo does not weigh down the hair and perfect for the color- treated   hair.

Hair is a mirror of our health, well-being and inner harmony. Stress, daily routine, and noxious habits deprive them of their natural beauty. Use natural shampoo from Quragi  to keep your hair healthy and thick.