Turning Your Daily Shower into a Self - Care Ritual

April 03, 2019

Turning   Your   Daily   Shower   into   a   Self - Care   Ritual

Each moment of our life is precious! Indian philosophy of Ayurveda, in other words the science of life, claims that each minute of our life is precious and each person should never be in a hurry. However, sometimes our everyday routine does not give us any chance: we are always busy, trying to show high KPI. NOW STOP AND READ IT! We know magic key to success! It is called Morning Shower Ritual, and it will make your day perfect!

Ritual Basics

First of all, ask yourself: What is your morning routine? Find time for your ideal shower, so you can take 20-30 minutes and stay in nirvana. In return, you will get these benefits:

Morning detox and relax

Healing procedure

Stay fresh all day

Sound rather promising, right? Then check out easy receipt, which will make each morning magic. By the way, skin ritual refers to unisex skin care products, so you can follow this ritual together with your partner.

Creating atmosphere

Right atmosphere is everything! Switch on favorite music, put candles or light aroma stick – be a master of your dream morning.

Shower technic

Take a shower, starting with switching on different water temperatures: cold – hot – medium cold – extremely hot. Such shower will wake up your mind and body.

1st Step: Hair

Now it is time to use shampoo. Be sure to choose ideal combination of scent and texture. Then slowly massage your head. Enjoy each second. Pro - Rejuvenation Shampoo together with Pro - Rejuvenation Conditioner are the right chose for this step. If your skin is delicate, check out organic cosmetics with wide choice of hypoallergenic shampoos.

2nd Step: Face

Moving to face treatment, it is important to pay attention to beauty products – try avoiding chemical elements and use natural cosmetics. For example, start with organic face wash like Peptide Complex Hydration Cleanser, moving to Peptide Complex Moisturizer. Finish it with Peptide Complex Hydration Masque and apply Advanced Noni Facial Treatment Oil or any other non-toxic face cream. Some people like organic face serum, so maybe take your chance to test Peptide Complex Serum.

3d Step: Body And Hands

Use body cream to make your body moisturized. Perfect solution for hands is to use organic handmade soap. It has active elements, preventing early aging and moisturizing skin. If you like unique products, try super eco friendly natural soap. One can choose from sweet Chocolate Cinnamon Soap Bar to Charcoal Lemongrass Soap Bar.

Mental and Food Detox

When you have finished with your body, make final steps:

Meditation or yoga

Glass of water or green smoothie

Well done! Now you are ready to face any challenge!