Beautiful and practical wooden soap holder

July 11, 2019

Beautiful and practical wooden soap holder

A wooden soap dish will help you add comfort and a bit of nature in any bathroom. Why should you give preference to products made from natural materials?

We pay great attention to shower gels, soaps, and shampoos. But we do not wonder how their packaging and plastic bottles affect our body. Plastic packaging promotes the reproduction of the bacterial environment. Moreover, at room temperature, plastic actively interacts with the contents of the bottle and releases toxic substances that are dangerous to humans.

If you care about your health and family members, choose a soap dish made from natural materials. You protect your family from the harmful effects of plastic. Now you do not have to worry about the quality of the soap dish in your bathroom.

Environmentally Friendly Soap Dish

The wooden soap dish is made from environmentally friendly wood. African mahogany has exquisite Makore color. In case of contact with water, you will not see red-colored stains. Therefore, there will never be stains on your tile and sink.

Unlike plastic, solid wood is completely decomposed in nature. Therefore, this material is safe and does not damage the environment. If you are on the side of wildlife protection, then you will be happy with the soap dish.Ā 

Useful mahogany

Wooden soap holder is an equally important part of the interior than towels, cabinets, and mirror. In addition, the soap dish of mahogany is just a beautiful item. It also has a number of beneficial properties for humans.

The base of theĀ natural productĀ - an array of beech. It prevents the proliferation of bacteria. Also, mahogany quickly absorbs the remaining water. In such variant the soap will last longer and will always be dry.

Wooden soap dish - two in one

We recommend to order 2 dishes, so every two weeks to give 1 of them time to dry and refresh a little. In addition, since the product does not wear out quickly and will maintain a flawless appearance for a long time.

The interior of the bathroom can be the brightest, or vice versa decorated in soothing colors. In any case, a wooden soap holder is a universal item. It is suitable for rooms designed in both classic and modern style. You just add zest to the interior, emphasizing its perfection with small detail.